October 6-9, 2023

Hosted by: Christine A. Smith

#AgingEnthusiast #GEROpreneur

Independence Civic Center

555 S. Main Street, Independence, Oregon 97351

An information and collaboration experience!*

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Event Locations:

Independence Civic Center: 555 S. Main Street, Independence, Oregon 97351

Independence Cinema: 450 S. 2nd Street, Independence, Oregon 97351

Gilgamesh Brewing The River: 370 S. Main Street, Independence, Oregon 97351 

Discover and discuss new innovations, current policies, and life-enrichments

impacting Care-Giving, Longevity, and Aging in Oregon.



Aging, Care-giving, and Longevity Thought-leaders speak in venues of Independence.

 Historic small-town events available in the evenings for continued casual collaborations.

Sunday night is MOVIE NIGHT! See details by clicking the Schedule Tab above.


Who's attending: