Angie Gray

Morning Session EIGHT, Monday, Oct 9, 11-11:30am, Gilgamesh Atrium

Talk Topic: 

Actualize, Collaborate, and Serve: The Key to our Highest Success

About the Speaker:

Angie Gray is the founder of High Performance Nursing and The Nurse Leadership Mastery ProgramTM. She teaches current and future nurse leaders the essential communication, relationship, and self-care skills. They learn to manage the emotional and physical demands of work and life to experience well-being and more joy in everything they do. They are trained and equipped to create better outcomes for their organizations and patients.

 Angie, a prevention educator, has a nursing background and 28 years of experience in the wellness industry. She is a trainer in leadership, relationships, and communication. She has been featured as a speaker on stages across the country, including co-hosting with Dr. Oz on the Dr. Oz show for 2 segments titled “The Future of Nursing”.

Email: angie@angiegraywellness.com 


Angie’s Profile: linkedin.com/in/angie-gray-high-performance-nursing 

Patty Sherin

 Morning Session SEVEN, Monday, Oct 9, 9-10:30am, Gilgamesh Atrium

Talk Topic:


Empowering Caregivers--Nurturing Well-being Through the 6-Brick Challenge


About Speaker:


Patty Sherin, was formerly engaging LOCAL people in care communities --including those living with dementia--in  activities. During shutdowns, she found a way to extend her reach and continue her passion. Now, Patty guides caregivers EVERYWHERE in "Brick by Brick Bonding" co-authored with Laura Herman of ABCDementia.org


As a Certified Care-giving Consultant and creator of Brick By Brick Bonding™, she understands the fatigues and challenges that plague caregivers and has found strategies to help throughout the care-giving journey. When Patty Sherin is not spreading hope and creativity to her friends and family, she likes to use her superpowers to encourage family caregivers to bring joy and laughter to their ‘carees’ living with Alzheimer’s and dementia using bricks and pieces.


Please visit https://BrickByBrickBonding.com to learn more.


Email: patty@brickbybrickbonding.com 


LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pattysherin/ 

Kitty Norton

MOVIE NIGHT!! Sunday, Oct 8, 6:30-8:30pm, Independence Cinema

Talk Topic:

Kitty Norton, Director, Wine, Women, & Dementia (Q&A immediately following the exclusive screening of her film with 3 independent festival awards to date)


About her Film:

65 MILLION CARE FOR LOVED ONES WITH DEMENTIA IN THE U.S.   Kitty Norton left her position with NBC to walk, stumble, and crawl her way through 5 years of dementia with her mother. Her caregiving blog, ‘Stumped Town Dementia’, highlighted tales of dementia LIFE, rather than as a long death. THAT resonated deeply with readers around the world.


YOU ARE NOT ALONE.   After her mother, Gloria, passed in 2021, Kitty created a documentary feature “Wine, Women, and Dementia” to celebrate and respect all family caregivers. This independent film spreads awareness of the emotional stress, physical toll, and financial overwhelm. Resources and support are few. This documentary acknowledges how, across the miles, isolated dementia caregivers built community, championed each other, and even found humor on this difficult road to the end of life.




William (Bill) Cohen, CSA®

Morning Session SIX, Sunday, Oct 8, 11-11:30am, Civic Center 

Talk Topic:

“What You Should and Should NOT Do Caring for Your Person Living with Dementia”

About the Speaker:

His mother’s behaviors & symptoms were becoming disturbing. Losing her home in Hurricane Katrina accelerated and exacerbated her condition. Bill became her primary caregiver and, after she died, he continued to attend a support group, then became the facilitator, did volunteer work and fundraising. Working for the state in transportation, Bill had never envisioned becoming an advisor, guide, and supporter to caregivers on similar journeys.

Personal loss turned into passion. With empathy and compassion, he helps families manage dementia care & behaviors including self-care & prevention to reduces stress, isolation, and overwhelm. Bill Cohen volunteers with Alzheimer's Association, works as a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)® and provides elder mediation in family conferences with Cohen Caregiving Support Consultants. 

Appointments: https://calendly.com/bill-102   

Learn more or Contact: https://linktr.ee/CohenSupport   

Family Caregiver Referrals or Reviews: https://lnkd.in/gMXA7mC  


Roger Anunsen

Morning Session FIVE, Sunday, Oct 8, 10-10:30am, Civic Center  

Talk Topic:

HOPE SPRINGS INTERNAL: A Caregiver Team’s Guide to the 2nd Golden Age of Brain Science (2018 - 2028)

About the Speaker:

After 28 years as a Public Defender & trial attorney, Roger Anunsen began a new, life-changing career as an activity director where he observed, listened, and engaged with seniors in beneficial activities. Inspired by memories of his Nana in her 90’s, he created MemAerobics which became the subject of a 2003 peer-reviewed medical journal. Roger recognized the exciting consilience bringing together two rapidly emerging fields of knowledge: Neuroscience and Longevity.


Roger speaks to an imminent future in which care designs will regularly include precision-applied, jump-starting doses of non-pharmaceutical cognitive interventions that improve the flow of naturally occurring, nurturing brain chemicals. Roger worked with the AARP’s DC office to create and test the “Brain Health Ambassador” program, taught college neuroscience courses for 11 years, and has delivered Oxford and Smithsonian presentations.

[CONSILIENCE: agreement between the approaches to a topic of different academic subjects, especially science and the humanities.]

Website mindramp.org (Company)

Email ranunsen@gmail.com   

Janice Shokrian

Morning Session FOUR, Sunday, Oct 8, 9-9:30am, Civic Center 

Talk Topic:

Caring for … (dot dot dot)

About the Speaker:


Inspired by her father’s needs, Janice Shokrian invented a system to support head, neck & back while resting upright. She is Founder & CEO of Tausi Brands and is a Patented Inventor. She produces & directs Mirador TV, quality television viewing for the neuro-diverse adult population. 


Janice produces & directs “Safe and Sound; Adaptive Concepts for Vibrant Living” with healthcare influencers Christina & Cindy Hardin-Weiss of Adaptive Equipment & Caregiving Corner. Janice is a Board Member of Caregiving Worldwide, a new & fast-growing streaming network dedicated to caregivers. CW brings quality broadcast programming for caregivers, airing on Roku, Apple TV, Hulu and more. 


Profile linkedin.com/in/janiceshokrian

Website tausibrands.com (Company)

Email jshokrian@tausibrands.com 

Twitter JaniceShokrian

Alex Johnson II

Morning Session THREE, Saturday, Oct 7, 11-11:30am, Civic Center

Talk Topic:

I'm a Storyteller: Conversations with Clients 80 and Above 


About the Speaker:

Alex Johnson II with TRUELIFE FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS, LLC as a Principal Broker is the mayor of Albany. He hosts Aging events, talks about cancer insurance, and puts all devices—even clocks—out of sight when meeting with individuals. Multi-generationally, he visits school children and attends youth summits regularly.

Email alex2.truelife@gmail.com 

Vicki Schmall, PhD.

Morning Session TWO, Saturday, Oct 7, 10-10:30am Civic Center 

Talk Topic:

Aging, Dementia and Family Caregiving: A 50+ Year Perspective


About the Speaker:


Vicki directed the Program on Gerontology at Oregon State University and was the Specialist in the OSU Extension Service for 25 years. Her interest in the “later years” began in childhood as she spent summers up through her teens with her grandparents. Her much-loved grandfather, before he was diagnosed with dementia (called “senile” then), was the Sheriff for the 18th largest county in the U.S. 


Vicki retired early with major health problems, including paralysis for several months, due to Multiple Sclerosis. At age 59, Vicki took up horseback riding which has been "magic" for her balance. She created “Aging Concerns,” a small not-for-profit support service, as well as family-caregiver/aging-based educational media packages, printed materials, and training board games. She developed a 6-week program for family caregivers--Powerful Tools for Caregivers—available in the U.S., Canada, and South Korea.


E-mail:  agingconcerns@comcast.net 

Christine A. Smith, #AgingEnthusiast

Morning Session ONE, Saturday, Oct 7, 9-9:30am Civic Center 


Talk Topic:


An Audience of One: WHY I Loved Care-giving, Got on Camera, Gamified my Journal, and Created CONVERGENCE


About the Speaker:


Once a classroom educator, Christine A. Smith was "hired on her front lawn" by a neighbor who saw her potential as a caregiver. That was a decade ago. Nearly 100 homes later, she identified 52 common, general Aspects of Aging and authored "PreAct Your Age Prompted Journal" for living into longevity with better outcomes, emotionally and relationally.


Christine searches for solutions, services, support, and stories that would benefit all who age. She hosts a LIVE conversation every Wednesday, 9am Pacific (viewed in real-time on her LinkedIn profile header and archived as replays on her resource website.) Experts, professionals, health workers, innovators, supporters, carers, creators, advocates, "Persons of Longevity" and more are her guests.


Resource Website:  https://www.agingbetternetwork.com/

Email:  Christine@preactyourage.com


Conversation Replays: agingbetternetwork.com/live

"PreAct Your Age Prompted Journal":  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CHD1LBCL

"PYA" Videos:   https://www.agingbetternetwork.com/52-aspects-of-aging-videos

Practical Guide "CareGRIEVER Kit":  https://www.amazon.com/CareGRIEVER-Kit-Christine-Smith/dp/B0CCZWFFLS/